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+39 334 3220888

Piazza Libertà 2 Sciacca (AG) – Italy

We are a "Museo Diffuso," which means that Sciacca itself is our open-air museum. Here, every element of the city, including its people with their stories, represents our priceless treasure, ready to be shared with anyone who comes to visit us.



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Viviana Rizzuto - CEO 

Hello! I'm Viviana, and I welcome you to my story, a journey filled with passion, tenacity, and, above all, collaboration.


With over 17 years of experience in multicultural settings around the world, my mission has always been to connect people and ideas to bring extraordinary projects to life. This is not just a job for me; it's a true heart's mission.


Let's go back to 2007 when I took my first steps into the world of Biomedical Engineering and American multinational companies. Over the years, I learned to lead interdisciplinary teams, develop processes that improved resource management, and achieve high-quality, sustainable business outcomes. While I may not be a wizard with a scalpel, my experience in Biomedical Engineering certainly honed my ability to connect the dots and people!


In 2017, I returned to Italy, bringing with me the skills I had acquired abroad. I chose to put these skills to work in a region rich in often overlooked resources.


Since January 2019, I have been the founder and president of the Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi. This project represents my commitment to valorizing local resources, identities, and the people who call this special place home. The impacts generated and the various national and international awards won to date demonstrate that when people come together and collaborate, they can achieve extraordinary things.


In 2020, I was recognized as the "Woman of the Year" in Sciacca, an award that celebrated my "courage, perseverance, and creativity in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges," or so they say! Certainly, this recognition is a symbol that when we harness our spirit and determination, there are no obstacles we cannot overcome.


Since September 2023, I have been the Head of the Strategic Unit for Tourism, Innovation, and Sustainability at PRISM Impresa Sociale. I lead a team of European project designers with the aim of harnessing Europe's opportunities to generate positive impact on territories through community-based tourism. With passion, we create strategies and international networks to promote sustainable community-based tourism in Europe and around the world. It's a journey I'm undertaking with heart and soul.


In 2023, I received the "Excellence in the Feminine - Donnattiva Award 2023" in recognition of my role as an "example of a woman capable of inspiring reflection, change, and cooperation." This award represents the joy of witnessing the positive change we can create when we work together as a community.


My story is an emotional journey filled with passion, determination, and, above all, collaboration. I deeply believe that by working together as a community, we can create a better world, where people and ideas come together to realize extraordinary projects. I'm here to continue connecting people, driving innovation (of processes), and showing that we can make a difference, always carrying the joy and passion for what we do in our hearts.

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