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Piazza Libertà 2 Sciacca (AG) – Italy

We are a "Museo Diffuso," which means that Sciacca itself is our open-air museum. Here, every element of the city, including its people with their stories, represents our priceless treasure, ready to be shared with anyone who comes to visit us.



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Assabinidica is an ancient Sicilian greeting that transcends centuries and cultures, serving as a bridge between the past and the present.

 It means 'May you bless me,' but is used to convey 'be blessed.' 


This greeting embodies the affection of an entire community and is our way of welcoming you to Sciacca, a city that is an authentic open-air museum!


Sciacca, a hidden gem on the western coast of Sicily, welcomes you with its captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. This picturesque coastal town is ready to enchant your senses and immerse you in the authentic Sicilian atmosphere.


Districts, tradition and crafts

Sciacca is a symphony of sounds, flavors, colors, and knowledge scattered in every corner of its three districts that characterize the city.
The district of farmers, in the upper part of the city, is an open-air theater of life, from the colorful market to the sounds and scents of wheat shops.
The district of artisans, in the middle part, is a maze of small courtyards, artisan workshops, typical restaurants, and faces peering from windows.
The district of sailors, in the lower part, by the harbor, is a world of sounds, waves, hands weathered by salt, faces gazing at the horizon, and fishing nets woven unhurriedly.


Food and Wine

Experience the delightful world of food and wine in Sciacca. Savor the authentic flavors of local tradition in our typical restaurants and discover culinary art passed down through generations. Pair your meal with local oenological delights and immerse yourself in an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Art and culture

Embark on a fascinating journey through time, along charming alleys, historic palaces, museums rich in stories, welcoming faces, ceramic artworks, and captivating expressions of street art. Discover a world of beauty and creativity that embraces the past and the present.

Sciacca, one of the oldest cities in Sicily, bears witness to its extraordinary history, rooted in the times of the Greeks and Romans. This centuries-old heritage is revealed in the breathtaking architecture of churches and historic buildings that adorn the heart of the city. Each church has a unique style and character, telling a different story and spirit, bestowing upon Sciacca an atmosphere of authentic beauty to be discovered.

Sicilian culture thrives in Sciacca through its deep-rooted local traditions. Among these, the Sciacca Carnival stands out, one of Italy's oldest and most enchanting. The parades of allegorical floats and elaborate costumes transport visitors into a world of magic and joy, making this festival an unmissable stop on your journey to Sciacca.


Nature and Landscapes

Leave behind the noise of daily life, surrender to the melodious song of the sea waves, let yourself be carried on a boat into the endless blue, stroll slowly along the golden beaches with their crystalline waters, conquer the peak of the majestic Mount Kronio, explore the ancient vapor caves that have brought well-being to the locals for centuries, and walk unique paths through olive groves and vineyards. Nature awaits you, ready to enchant you with its timeless beauty.



Sciacca is renowned for its tradition of hand-painted ceramics. A journey through local workshops is a unique opportunity to discover authentic Sicilian souvenirs and extraordinary works of art to take home with you!

Enjoy an authentic experience that will engage your senses, let yourself be charmed by this coastal city, and surrender to its extraordinary charm."